Tom Clarke

Tom's thinking is always focused on the long term which is exactly what you would expect from someone with his background and experience in corporate strategy. Tom studied Law at Bournemouth University before heading into financial services where he began working as a project manager. After a few years, Tom moved into corporate strategy where he focused on market analysis, strategic vision and trend analysis, and then moved on to work on a number of M&A deals.

Tom has worked on M&A deals ranging in size from a few million pounds all the way up to £1 billion.  His expertise and focus is on commercial due diligence and the formulation of a business's long-term strategic direction.  Tom has particular expertise in exploring macro trends and understanding how those trends influence the long-term strategy and vision.

One of Tom's more notable accomplishments was setting up the record label Saint November which he ran until 2018. During that time, he worked with a number of artists and released the Grammy award winning album ‘Ellipse’ by Imogen Heap, bringing the album to vinyl for the very first time. He also negotiated multiple licensing deals with major record labels such as Warner and Sony Music.  Currently, Tom is completing his MBA at Cranfield University and exploring what the upcoming revolution in the electrification of transport means for the future of how we travel.