Alix Greenhill

Alix has a wealth of life experience that you might expect in someone twice her age.  She started her working career in marketing for the council; working behind the scenes on projects like the Water Recycling Plant Referendum, PR with local media and behind the scenes on local events.

Alix studied at the University of Southern Queensland a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Accounting and Marketing. Whilst studying she worked in a myriad of jobs often simultaneously exposing her to aspects from varied industries. Including positions at an art gallery, law firm, cafe, bank, hair salon, department store and the local university.

After graduating she went straight into a public practice accounting and eventually transitioned to working for the government in a management accounting style role while working towards her Chartered Accountant certification.

A career change was made and focused shifted to marketing. One of the major projects she devoted her time to was working on the coordination of Indigenous Connections, which is a three-day event created to encourage and inspire over 500 students from around the region to consider further education. She also managed a team of university student ambassadors for numerous events to engage high school students throughout South Western Queensland to consider university and inspire them to dream bigger.

Alix then went ringing on Cattle Stations in the far north of Western Australia. Followed by a stint in a remote iron ore mine driving heavy machinery, working in the workshop and providing support to the site manager. Only to return to South East Queensland to gain her helicopter license.

​She spent a number of years in the aviation industry including flying helicopters and boat driving for an adventure tour operator in the Northern Territory.

Now back in Brisbane and fully immersed in small business she is ready to assist you in taking the next step with yours.